Who We Are

Founded by Jenn and Lucas in 2020, The Model Rocket Site Is a Dedicated Team of Rocket Enthusiasts.

I had a number of rockets as a kid and loved two things, one the ability to launch things into the air at high speed and two the smell of burning rocket fuel (well sulphur as I would find out). I always thought that smell was the coolest.

Recently we have gotten back into rockets with a few of our friends who will also be contributors to this website.

The goal is to provide the most relevant and current information about rockets for everyone from beginners to pros.

We will also be testing and recommending as much stuff as we can, and telling the story of our rocket journey from up here in Canada.

Hola! Meet the Founders

We Are Jenn & Lucas !

We live in Canada with our little dog and our two cats. We also do a lot of online stuff and build websites. This is one of those site, cause we (well Lucas mostly) love ROCKETS.